Anonymode Proxy Network is once again offering to mail out sponsored proxies to all of it's email subscribers, now via Google Groups.

The cost is $1.00/mail out. This is a double opt-in list, so users are very proxy-hungry.

Your proxy will be mailed out to two Google groups,

Anonymode Proxy Network | Google Groups (634 subscribers as of this post)
Fresh Web Proxies | Google Groups (13 subscribers as of this post)

So as if this post, that's 647 subscribers. The groups get an average of 20 new subscribers/day. Plus, there's the bonus traffic by visitors who browse our proxy archive and don't bother to sign up.

I send out two proxies every day, only on weekdays. Your proxy must be accessible when sent out, and cannot contain illegal material.

Please PM me if interesting in buying, payment via PayPal only.