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Thread: 10$ / Year Advertising Links | 180k Alexa Rank

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    Arrow 10$ / Year Advertising Links | 180k Alexa Rank

    Hello Guys,

    I am selling 125x125 ads on my website: Sharing Websites

    Proof: Click Here

    Alexa Rank: 185,000 (View Latest)

    Price: 10$ per Year.
    Spots Available: 3

    Ads will be placed at the top of the sidebar.

    Payment by Paypal.
    PM Me to purchase. Or Email at

    Thanks.... - Professional Webmaster Services

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    Are the banners going to be standing still or will they rotate along with the others? If they stand still, you can reserve a spot for me
    |Nico Lawsons

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    I was interested, but got this error on your site.
    Could not locate remote server

    If offer is still available then do tell me. i am looking for such cheap offers.
    sorry for bumping a 4 month old thread, but i need such offer.

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    I like it when have adversiting overthere. Please check mail and contract next time/.

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