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Thread: 30 Days Advertising Spot FREE!

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    30 Days Advertising Spot FREE!

    We are currently giving away 10 companies a chance to have there banners placed on the site for 30days from the day banner is placed for FREE! That's right no additional cost, as we are a new upcoming bulletin board.

    Just one thing we would expect is you to be a active member on the site.
    (you can re-apply for 30days ads once 30days has past if slots are available)

    We have 2 advertising spots available with 10 max banners on each spot with rotating system.

    Read More & How to get your banner up on the site:
    Free Advertising Spots! - 5ite Community Forums

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    That isn't exactly "free". You'd better use the [WTT] prefix in the future
    |Nico Lawsons

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