I love Woot Shirts. I want FREE woot shirts. So, I'm willing to compromise

I have been doing paid ads on my Twitter profile for a couple of months now. These ads are showing great results and not only have I made a couple thousand dollars, but my advertisers have been happy.

(screenshot of some paid earnings from SponsoredTweets)

Here's the deal. Everyday I will accepting 2 ads from one advertiser. The cost is $10 (the cost of the woot t-shirt) and I will post your two ads spread out during the day. One may be posted at 11AM and the other at 10PM (not these times exactly because I won't do it at the same time each day).

Currently I have 12,594 followers.

If you're interested please post below or PM me. As I said, I will only be taking 1 advertiser per day (I only want the 1 shirt ), but I am willing to schedule ahead of time

Today's tee: