Advertise On BabesCast.Com [Free Tweet To +12.5K Followers!]

Starting today, it's possible to advertise on BabesCast.Com. Currently there is only one type of advertising available, and it's a post about your adult site.

I'm sure it's going to give a lot of attention because the post will stay stickied for at least 24 hours

We can create the image for you (with Your URL on it) or you can create one yourself, but remember to use the correct sizes. Once the post has been made (there will be text about your adult site), I'm going to tweet the post too, to my +12.5K followers.

Traffic statistics:

The prices are the following:
1 Post: $10,00
2 Posts: $18,00

Only one post per site. I won't make 2 posts about the same site, since I don't want to waste my readers' time by giving them the same thing twice.

You can promote adult products with it too, I'm not sure if it's profitable though but you can always try it!

PM's or replies are going to be answered ASAP. Looking forward to do business with you!