My proxies are built by domain parking, therefore if you buy advertising, your proxy will appear on all 15 [currently] proxies of mine. I release a new proxy about once a week, so every month, that's 4 new advertisements!

My proxies get about 70k visitors a month, (40k unique), and serve over 610k pageviews. Most of my traffic is from the United States, and I have banned Iranian traffic (I get almost no Chinese traffic).

You can view all of my proxies here: Proxy List | Anonymode Proxy Network

I have the following spots and costs available:
Index Page - Above Go button: This 428x60 advertisement will appear right above the 'Go' button. This has very high exposure and CTR. A maximum of 5 ads will be put into rotation. The cost is $10/month.

Index Page - Sidebar: I can place 125x125 squares into the sidebar right under the email subscription box. This has moderate exposure. Five more spots are available, cost is $5/month. No rotation.

Proxified Page Header - Text Links: My proxified pages, of course, get most of my page views. I will put 3 text link ads right under the check boxes in the URL form. This has very high exposure. Only three spots allowed, no rotation. The cost is $10/month.

Sites advertised must be appropriate to a teenage demographic. No illegal links, payment via PayPal only. Please PM me if you wish to buy ads. I can offer discounts for mass-payments.