My proxy site now gets 25,000 hits per month. Sept. 14 marks the 2 year birthday. I have created an advertising deal where you can get a link on (almost) every page for your proxy site. This does not include the paid proxy section or the forum, but it does include every other page.

Features and cost:

  • The cost is $15 per month. You can try it for a month and cancel if you like.
  • I will also throw in a Gold listing at the very top of for FREE, which usually costs $10 per month.
  • Your proxy site will also go out in our next e-mail blast to the double opt-in list of proxy-hungry users.

That's $25 per month of advertising for only $15 per month.

The bonuses are for forum members only. Please feel free to ask me any questions you have about this. If you would like to sign up just reply to this or send me a PM.

More info: Proxy Webmasters - Exchange Links and Advertise Your Site