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Thread: Advertising for iTunes Gift Card Contest

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    Advertising for iTunes Gift Card Contest

    I am running a contest where I am giving away 5 $20 iTunes Gift Cards - GET A FREE $20 ITUNES GIFT CARD! ENTER NOW!!!! | Facebook

    I'm looking for advertising except banner advertising - if you run a forum, then maybe mass PM or announcement, if you run a popular Facebook page then post it there. I'm looking for something that will spread this fast, something viral.

    It should be targeted to teens (the iTunes-using population), and good ideas are iTunes/Ipod/Music/Off Topic/Teen related forums or just popular, fun Facebook pages.

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    Maybe you would be interested in a mass-email to all 1,298 members of my forum:
    PureTalkForum Debate & Discussion Forum

    Send me a PM if you are.

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