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    Advertising on a Popular Forum

    PureTalkForum Debate & Discussion Forum
    Participate in debates, discussions and heated arguments, meet new people online, and customize your profile. Express yourself!
    PureTalkForum Debate & Discussion Forum

    We have a ton of new posts and threads, as well as members, each day. Currently PTF receives a nice amount of traffic from search engines for things like "debate forum", "discussion forum" and various keywords relating to politics, theology, social issues and more.

    We have multiple 728 x 90 pixel spaces open. They're visible but not intrusive.

    These locations have been specially selected so that everyone will see them, but they don't disrupt the forum - making all parties happy.

    Note: Text links might be available in the footer - still thinking about it. If you want one, let me know and maybe we can work that out.

    Activity is on a steady increase. People are posting regularly. There is going to be a major increase in activity due to our recent and upcoming Digg campaigns and our PTF Saves the Planet Campaign where each post, sign-up and thread helps us buy and plant trees - lots of activity is about to get going because people are excited about it.

    This is the perfect time to buy some advertising with us!

    If you are interested in purchasing space, just give me an offer!

    I am accepting any reasonable offers because I need these spots filled to help with the costs of running the site and purchasing upgrades and new features.


    UPDATED STATISTICS BELOW! (At the end of this thread.)
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