Table Of Contents:
  1. What is ProxLists.Com?
  2. Traffic from ProxLists.Com?
  3. What is so good about ProxLists.Com?
  4. Options to advertise?
  5. Do advertisers get something for free?

1. What is ProxLists.Com? is a new proxy listing site, it's where proxy users & proxy owners come together! We list the best proxies online, check our list every 3 days and make sure all proxies work & go fast. Since we block Iran, China & Hong Kong from our listing site, you'll be sure to get the best paying traffic! Proxy owners can submit their site for free, though we require a backlink for free advertisers (We don't for paid advertisers).

2. Traffic from ProxLists.Com?
Our goal is currently set at 1000 uniques per day.. though, since we exist only for 10 days our traffic is pretty good already!
Since we are no liars, we show the proof to our advertisers, so you can check it out

3.What is so good about
We have thousands of ideas to improve the site, and we keep update everything everytime! To make sure your proxy gets most traffic, we remove all defunct proxies etc.! Currently we have 8 different things to launch, and we're making them now 'behind the scenes'... as everything is free (Site is ad-free) we need a bit funds from the paid links to make sure everything keeps running smooth!
4. Options to advertise?
We have 7 different ways of advertising! We listed them here, but you need to visit our Advertising page to order!

  1. Position #1 in our Proxy List:
    Status: Open
    Price: $5/month
    Color: Red
  2. Position #2 in our Proxy List
    Status: Open
    Price: $4/month
    Color: Red
  3. Position #3 in our Proxy List
    Status: Open
    Price: $3/month
    Color: Red
  4. Position #4-25 in our Proxy List
    Status: Open
    Price: $2/month
    Color: Green
  5. Highlighted Listing
    Status: Open
    Price: $1/month
    Color: Yellow
  6. Banner Advertising in top right corner
    Status: Open
    Price: $25/month
    Extensions: NO .swf allowed! Only .jpg, .gif (We can reject the banner if it's too big or too flashy) or .png
  7. Mail Advertising
    Status: Open
    Price: $2,50/month
    Available Places: Check this link (TO COME)

Remember, you need to visit THIS page to order one or more of these plans!
5. Do advertisers get something free?
Euh... nah! LoL, just kidding If you advertise using plan 1-6 you get 1 free credit to advertise in the HotProxies Yahoo Group! (Worth $2,50)
This is it, so far I have nothing to add yet Though, ProxLists keeps updating, so soon there will be more things available for advertising!

Please make a reply in this topic OR pm me if there are any questions!

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