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Thread: Advertising related to politics, legal, economics, taxes, health care, etc...

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    Advertising related to politics, legal, economics, taxes, health care, etc...


    As the year goes on and things heat up more and more between the Democrats and Republicans in regards to who tortured who and blah blah blah, things are getting exciting on my political commentary web publication. Traffic has been growing more and we've also been growing in the search engines.

    Currently, we rank #4 for the keyword of Political Commentary which brings in some nice traffic each day.

    The types of sites that best fit our site are those that deal with politics (duh), law, economics, taxes, and things like that. Anything that has been mentioned in the news fits well.

    We offer three different slots:

    125x125 (4) - $10
    300x250 - $20
    600x90 - $15

    Please let me know in a PM what you'd be interested in or if you have any questions.

    Thanks so much.


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    Woot! Ranked three now on Google.

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