Hi Guys.

I have some ad space available on my football forum. The link is Extra Time - Index page. Your adverts will be placed at the bottom of the forum, where currently we have a GameOracle.co.uk affiliate image. That will be removed. For a banner ad, it will be just $4/month, or $28/year, or $50 permanent. For a text link there, it will be just $2/month, or $14/month, or $25 permanent. I can't provide any proof of stats, but the site gets around 100 UV's/day estimated. This may or may not be wrong. To purchase space, please PM me. You will have to pay first. Then i will add your advert within 24 hours of receiving payment. Also, 3 days before your advert time is up (if applicable), you will receive an email from me asking you if you'd like to extend your ad.

Thanks guys, PM me or post here if interested.