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Thread: Cheap Banners (125x125) on Blog

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    Thanks for Hijacking the thread.

    Please don't use Alexa, compete, comscore or any of those other tools - I know from simply comparing these with my own stats how inaccurate they are. (comscore asked my startup to pay thousands if we wanted more accurate stats from thanks).

    Now back to the point of this thread - if you would like to purchase a quality banner ad, on a quality blog get in touch. If you doubt the quality, simply take a stroll over to the blog, check out the community, the interaction and of course the content. If you want links or banner on a pr3,4 or 5 site - get in touch, I've got those too but they aren't the same quality

    I'm also increasing the prices:

    $20 per Month - 125x125 banner ad
    $15 per Month - Text Link Ad

    (mods, seeing as my thread got hijacked, can it get closed so I can start a new one)
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    You can close your own thread by selecting "Thread Tools->Close Thread-> Perform Action" and start a new one np.

    I've found most people who ask for stats, don't check was my original point in reply. You answered the folks inquiring with the relevant info. Best of luck.

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