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Thread: Does Your site Need more Visitors?

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    Cool Does Your site Need more Visitors?

    Whether you have your own website or run a discount eBay store, ads can be an exciting place to find new customers for your business, that has a limited budget for advertising. The service is currently available to advertisers who would like to target U.S. based customers.

    Pull in new clients or inform and delight current customers about great new deals.

    Get your advertising message out on, and directly target your customer. can help you advertise like the BIG GUYS... without spending like one!

    If you’d like to get a message seen we offer different ad placement options.

    Video Advertising

    1. The top Video ad is available on all video pages.
    * Your Video ad will be placed across all video pages except index page of the site.

    This online advertising is captive, just like television, allowing advertising exposure to your target audience by embedding video advertisements that does not interrupt the flow of TV program content.

    Background Advertising

    1. These clickable ads available on a pages by page basis.
    * Your background ad will be placed to fit the demographics of your product or site.
    * This is also the only permanent ad on the site. A one time deal and you own that ad on that page for life.

    Banner Advertising

    1. The top banner is available to Display ads on video page, next to the title (Size: 234x60)
    * Your banner can go across all pages except the index page of the site.

    2. The side bar banner only 4 spots are available. (Size: 125x125)
    * Your banner can go across all pages except the index page of the site.

    Home Page Advertising (Only two ads are placed on the index page)

    1. The premium spot ad is available on the index only. This can be a video or banner ad.

    2. The footer banner is available on all pages of the site (Size: 728x90)
    * Your banner will go across all pages including index page of the site.

    Advertising on the Website Today!

    If you have any questions just PM me


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