Enwire, the company behind the development of Trig.com, the emerging social media site with a built in bonus and credit plan for users, is shortly to launch on the junior Swedish stock exchange.
One of the partner companies linked to Trig is Viral Angels, private equity club that provides a closed trading platform for pre IPO companies. Viral Angels assists companies to float and adds value through capital, acquisitions and policy.
Subscribers to VA get a FREE monthly allocation of shares in these companies who have to commit to floating within 18 months.
A fantastic offer has just been announced:

Viral Angels announce huge share allocation,

Enwire AB is in the very last steps of its listing. As a part of this process, a share allocation will take place to widen the shareholder base.
Members fully paid and active by 24.00 CET on May 26 (next Sunday) will receive allocation as per the following schedule:
- Gold members (€79), - 482 Euros worth of shares.
- Platinum members, (€135) - 964 Euros worth of shares.
- Viral Agents, (€585) - 3 856 Euros worth of shares.
The number of shares will be calculated based on the opening price and the shares will be distributed to your accounts during the first week of trading.
I have been subscribing to VA since June 2012 and have had a very good developing portfolio so far which has grown by over 300%
This Enwire allocation looks too good to miss especially as the launch value is based on 4million registrations on Trig. With company plans to drive that to over 100million in the next few years the value could be considerably more.
Let me know if you would value any further information on this offer.
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