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    Free Advertising

    Free Advertising!

    New blog I am working on.
    Right now very minimalistic.
    Will change the theme once I find a good one.

    You can advertise your site at no cost!
    Just add your full url and hit the submit.

    All sites will be shown randomly with each visit and page refresh.

    I will review each site submitted!
    So no adult/gambling/pharma/warez and anything else I do not like.

    Go here and submit your site now:
    Advertise Your Site

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    Neat idea Dawg

    Is that a plugin? Where did you find it?

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    It's a plugin.

    Let me see where I got it:
    WordPress › WProxyList WordPress Plugins

    Is for proxies, but I just changed the wording here and there.

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    Well, I should of thought out this idea further.
    So I did and will redo the blog.
    And make it a niche blog so that only certain websites can be submitted and accepted.

    Have yet to figure out what niche.

    (last one is a joke people!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by iowadawg View Post
    Have yet to figure out what niche.
    Blogs will get you the most submissions, I think.

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    I don't know.
    I have a blog directory and it gets squat.
    Blog owners must not really want free advertising I do believe.

    Now, I was in a pm conversation with someone and he tried his best to convince me to make it just for adult sites.
    Lot of good points there.

    So, still will leave it for a few days.

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