Hello everyone!!

I am developing an Avatar Advertising Network and as we build it, we want to start testing it.

Note: this offer is available while while we test the software.
So, don't miss this great offer.

I am giving 10,000 UNIQUE banner impressions for free per user.

what you need is the following:

banner size: 80x80 ( standard avatar size)
url of your website
3 to 5 keywords related to your website
(pm the those details, please don't post your website's urls in this thread)

The banner will be displayed on avatar spots on forum posts from many users at(onlinewebmarket.net) This is an new Mod that I am making and soon will be
available to install in any forum.

When we start running this Avatar Ad Network for profit. All forum's users displaying Ads on their avatars will get paid per impressions

Help us to start testing this exiting new Ad Network.