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Are you tired of all those bad strategies that never worked? And you
are surprised how that other guy manages to put out one hit video after

You have got the right
content, maybe even better content, and yet you can't make it to the top
list. The flaw is not in the videos but with the marketing strategy.

On YouTube the market belongs to those who can capture the eyeballs.

So how do you get those visitors and get your video ranked?

Stop inventing keywords from your head, because those are NOT the
keywords that people are searching for. To get the winner keywords, you
will need to research very carefully, dig through related keywords, look
at competitor and related videos , compile a list and then sort to find
the best and the most attractive keywords from them.

Sounds tedious?

You are going to need literally hours every day to research and plan how to market your videos.

Add that to the time and the energy you spend into creating and
uploading the videos, and this entire enterprise will turn into a
mammoth energy and time consuming business that will be too tedious to
be attractive.

And if you really
want to win, you will need to track your competitor’s videos, and watch
them constantly to steal winning strategies from the winner videos. So
much work! It seems like a job for 3 guys not one!!

And is all that effort bearing results?

You have learnt all the classic SEO techniques, you are sourcing your keywords from the google keyword tool, and applying them on YouTube.

Sorry to break you bad news, but that doesn’t work. Video SEO is a completely different animal, and applying ‘tried and tested’ SEO techniques to Video SEO is a sure-shot way to failure.

You need to treat videos like videos, and implement ideas that are
unique to videos. Get keywords from YouTube not Google. That goes for
the search stats too.

This is going to make your job even more difficult if you do it manually.

There has to be a better, easier method!

They say that one person can do the work of a 100 if he has the right
tools. Well you have the right tool for video marketing on YouTube now.

Here’s how Tube Jeet Will Make You a Video Marketing Rockstar with these features!

1. Powerful ‘drill-through’ keyword search that lets you go unlimited levels into related keywords. Find EVERY keyword that’s relevant. (ONLY on Tube Jeet!)

2. Track your own and your competitor’s videos and
find out how they perform on a a day-to-day basis. Pick out the winning
strategies and use them to your advantage!! (ONLY on Tube Jeet)

2. Find the top videos on YouTube for any keyword instantly and see
their stats in a rich graphical interface that makes spotting the right
information very easy!

3. Analyse any video and check out what makes it tick, quickly use those tactics in your own videos and rock the market.

4. Put your video on the 1st page of Google. Check what keywords have videos on the 1st page with just one click!

5. Find winning niches, keywords and categories that are unexploited and goldmine of views. Hit the bull’s eye!

6. Helps you create the right titles and descriptions that have the important keywords, and will make the user click on them every time!!

7. Check video age and see how much room there is for a new video in
the niche. IMPORTANT: Check how many views the video gets now, 3 million
videos in the past and only 300 views daily now is NOT impressive. Make
sure you compete where it’s profitable.

8. Keep an eye on your competitors on Youtube, spot the channels that are winning and how they are doing it.

9. Stack up your videos against competition and see which ones are winning, and which ones need strategy refinement.

10. Find out which ones are the most liked videos for any keyword and see what you can use from it.

THESE are only SOME ideas
which Tube Jeet can be used for. This tool is so powerful that when you
start exploring it, you will be amazed at how much information it can

And this takes only seconds…

Tube Jeet has an interface that is unlike any other so called
video-marketing tools (toys!!). It ACTUALLY makes things easy and
accessible for everybody. And did I tell you it is fast? Boy, it’s the

Complete your entire
analysis for a video in 10 MINUTES OR LESS with Tube Jeet. Invest you
time in creating more videos, or just having fun!

This is the best investment you can make if you are SERIOUS about video
marketing and YouTube. Take the advantage of the No Questions Asked 60
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