I have a High traffic friends network(PR1+Dmoz listed+ 80-200 UV/day)

You can Post the track back of your blogpost on my network's dashboard to get traffic

But,whats the catch??
You Need to sign up to obtain your track back URL(Its free)

To Obtain your Trackback URL,
  1. Sign up on my network
  2. Click Settings-->Configure your tools
  3. You will see your trackback URL at the bottom of the page

To Post a track Back,

When ever you Make a new Blogpost on your site(Wordpress),Paste your trackback URL on the Sendtrackback field.It will be immediately posted on the entire network's dashboard!

PS:No adult/porn/gambling,drugs or other illegal blogs.Else your account will be banned!

Url Of my Social Network:Tamil Friends Network