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Thread: Post Your Message To 1500+ Followers! - !!HOT!!

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    Exclamation Post Your Message To 1500+ Followers! - !!HOT!!

    Post Your Message To 1500+ Followers! - !!HOT!! ($2)

    Twitter Account: Image Hoster (imagehoster) on Twitter
    You will get your own message posted on my twitter account to 1500+ Targetted followers for only $2. This is guaranteed traffic and hits, possible sales from this. Post here or sign up and PM me at Master the Web Forum or Flozen if interested.

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    You are saying that advertising will get me 1500 hits?
    So either everyone of your followers blindly click on links you tweet out, or they are bots.

    Just how many hits can one expect?
    Need some proof here since you guarantee hits and clicks.

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    They are all real people that are active on twitter. You will have a good chance of getting at least 1/3 of the followers checking your website links.

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