I have a blog on Blog Godown which has a page rank 3 and Alexa Rank: 34,855

Target Audience

MY blog's audience consists of web master, money maker, social media enthusiasts and designers

Products related to blogging , make money online, seo get the maximum attention at my blog

#1: 468×60 ads Above The Post

This ad will show at the top of each page, just below the header

* Will be shown above each page.
* Has the chance of being seen the most, because of the large area and the strategic placement of the ad.
* Maximum chance of getting clickthroughs

Price – USD 60 $ per month

#2. 300×250 Ads in Sidebar

This ad will be displayed right next to the content in the right sidebar.

* Maximum number of clicks
* Will be displayed in each page of the website
* These ads have the best performance
* Highest Return of Interest

Price – USD 40 $ per month

#3: 125×125 Right Sidebar

These ads are displayed in the right sidebar

* Good value for money
* Ads displaed in each of the pages of the website

Price – USD 25$ per month

#4: 300x250 Banner Ads Below Post

These Ads will be displayed below each post

* Higher engagement.
* Very productive if you are looking for signups for a community.
* Will be displayed after each individual blog post

Price – USD 25$ per month

I will be giving a 20% discount on all ads

If you are interested in buying a spot, reply here or PM me