ProxB.Com does a very huge promotion! Our site will get at least 1000 uniques a day (Stats will be shown)! This is due to these factors:

  • Proxy Mail Promotion
  • Yahoo Answers Promotion
  • Big Banner Promotions

Some people will probably ask how it is possible we will get that much traffic, well I'll give the answers in this list of promotions that will be done:

This should give a nice example of how the list will get that much of promotion. Ofcourse your proxies will get much exposure don't think the advertising plans are rather high, as they aren't. The costs I'll have to pay to promote the listing site will be more expensive (but I'm ok with that).

These promotions will start as soon as there are 150 proxies listed!

Advertising spots:
Position 1: $50,-
Position 2: $35,-
Position 3: $25,-
Position 4-25: $15,-
Highlighted listing: $5,-

All these packages come with a free mailing to my proxy yahoo group with over 2750 users!
Your advertised proxy will randomly been showed as 'proxy of the day' for one day at the top of the page!

NetBuilder members get a 10% discount! Just PM me for a deal and I'll send you my PayPal address.

Best regards,
Nico - ProxB.Com