Do you want me to send your proxy to over 25,000 users?
Your proxy will be sent to one group with 3000 members, a moderated spam-free group.
Your proxy will also be sent to other unmoderated groups with in total over 22,000 users (Google & Yahoo).

The group with 3000 members is the following one: HotProxies the other ones are too much too post, but you will be sure that your proxy is going to be posted.

Traffic guarantee?
I can't do this for the very simple reason that some proxies are fresh and unblocked and those will get more traffic than older ones. It also variates a lot from day to day.

Prices variate from day to day, here is the pricelist:

Number #1 on the mail:
Monday: 5$ ($0,0002 per user)
Tuesday: 5$ ($0,002 per user)
Wednesday: 5$ ($0,002 per user)
Thursday: 5$ ($0,002 per user)
Friday: 5$ ($0,002 per user)

Ordering goes as follows:You make a reply in this topic or send a PM, with the URL that needs to be promoted I will than send you a PM with the date your URL will be sent out. Once payment has been made, you will see the URL & date appear here:

Best regards,