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Thread: Selling Cheap Advertising Space on

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    Selling Cheap Advertising Space on


    I am selling advertising space on in the following places and prices.

    Awstats based on the first 20 days of january(I don't currently have Analytics)

    This will average out to appropriately the following per month:
    Unique Hits: 3,943
    Hits: 121,347

    Ad Placements For Sale

    Ad Placement 1
    Where: Footer of every page.
    Size: 728x90
    How Many Are Available: 1
    Price: $15 for 30 days.

    Ad Placement 2
    Where: Sidebar of homepage and all other pages that show a sidebar.
    Size: 125x125
    How Many Are Available: 4
    Price: $10 for 30 days.

    Ad Placement 3
    Where: Footer Sponsor Links Box directly under the last forum.
    Size: Text Link Up To 25 Characters
    How Many Are Available: 3
    Price: $3.50 for 30 days.

    If you have any more questions or are interested in purchasing an ad space please reply here or send me a message.
    For a faster response please email me here:

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    I have updated the original post with price changes and some better information on traffic.

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