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Thread: Sponsor a Post on the General Blogger

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    Where are those articles coming from? I'll take a spot.

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    I do all the work.
    Surfing the net and finding stuff.
    Like right now, have several goodies, but still looking for the main subject.

    PM me to sponsor a post.

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    Effective now.
    No longer selling one blog post at a time.

    Now you get 5 blog posts for $12.00.

    So for $12 you get to sponsor 5 blog posts.

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    Effective next Monday, May 16th, the price will increase.

    The new price is:
    Sponsor one blog post is: $3.99

    For 5 blog posts: $15.00

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    Here is a deal...
    But only for 2 people at this price...
    $3.99 to sponsor a blog post on the General Blogger plus 2 (two) other blogs!
    General Blogger
    These two blogs, I do several posts per day.
    Off the Wall Blog
    Random Ramblings from Iowa

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    Still looking for sponsors.
    $3.99 and you get to sponsor a post on all three blogs.
    They are permanent.
    Great backlinks as all 3 blogs are well indexed by google.

    Hurry because I have this priced higher on other forums!

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    As of the end of this month, June.
    This offer will be null and void.

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