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Thread: Sponsor a Post on the General Blogger

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    Sponsor a Post on the General Blogger

    Want top billing on a post?
    Everyday (except for some reason today, go figure), I post on the General Blogger.

    You can sponsor a post very easily.
    Go to the General Blogger now and see yesterdays' post.
    See at the top of the post?
    That is exactly what your sponsor spot will be like.
    Your anchor text and url.
    And yes, lined off just like that one shown.

    I only make one post per day, so only can take one sponsor per day.

    To test the waters here, will start for now at $2.99 per post sponsor.

    PM me.

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    I will take a spot. PMing you now.

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    Got your's up now on The General Blogger | Blogging Anything
    As the post sponsor for today.

    Thank you.

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    Looking for a sponsor for tomorrow.

    $2.99 is a great offer for this.
    Permanent link on the blog.

    Shown at the top of the post.
    Great position for visibility.

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    Still looking for blog post sponsors!

    Got one for today's blog post: General Blogger

    And have a sponsor for tomorrow's post.

    I only want one sponsor per day for that day's post.

    $2.99 still.

    They are permanently on that blog post and archived.
    They are do follow links.
    And every post made is indexed by google in many search phrases.

    PM me now....

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    Always looking for sponsors!

    Put at top of each blog post.

    All blog posts are indexed by google, some withing a couple of minutes of being posted.

    These are permanent and good for at the least a backlink.

    PM me now.

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    Will be needing sponsors starting next Thursday, March 10th.
    Keeping the price low at $2.99.

    Sponsors are at the top of each post.
    Permanent. Do follow.

    All posts are indexed by google.

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    No takers on this?
    Sponsor a blog?

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    You got a taker (if needed). Please PM me your PayPal e-mail and I'll send you the URL along with the anchor text.

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Got Aquarezz up on the General Blogger today.

    Need sponsors for every day.
    Except weekends and holidays.

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