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Thread: Three 125X125 Ads in High Traffic Blog

  1. Post Three 125X125 Ads in High Traffic Blog

    Hello Guys,

    I am selling three 125X125 above the fold advertisement on my Technology and Blogging niche blog

    Netchunks recieves more than 6,000 Google Analytics Visitors every month which is every increasing.

    Netchunks is a Do follow Technlogy and Blogging Niche blog with an Alexa rank of 34,500..

    The cost of 1 125X125 ad spot will be 10$/pm

    If you want to buy for a longer time slot like quaterly or yearly then I can provide you some discounts.

    Payment by Paypal

  2. Updated: 2 slots sold
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  3. One Ad Slot still left: Only 10$

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    you selling permanent blogroll links?
    Here to learn, love to help, just trying to understand these Internets.

    Get Quality Backlinks by Guest Blogging at Get More Followers - (launching this week)

  5. Is this offer still available?

  6. Yup it is @Proweb and @oneups....Currently I am not selling links since my blogroll as already been saturated

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