An email blast to currently over 34,500 users! Plus a FREE highlighted listing on my proxy list (if ordering one of the first 3 spots)
To which groups, moderated or not?
One email goes to +3500 users in my HotProxies Yahoo! group. The other mails go into unmoderated groups that have over 31,000 members, these might not deliver as much traffic as my moderated group but for the cheap price I'm sure you will get more traffic than some other promotions that are much more expensive and deliver less traffic.
Why is it so cheap?
The reason is because it is sponsored by ProxB.Com and Tech-Faq.
How can we pay?
You can pay via PayPal only. Moneybookers, Alertpay, Wire Transfer etc. are NOT accepted.
Bulk Discounts?
Bulk discounts are given if you order 5 spots or more. The rate is a 10% discount, except if you order more than 25 spots, than it's 25% or more.
Where can we order?
You can order by PM'ing me on NetBuilders or DigitalPoint, or contacting me through email.
More questions?
Please contact me via aquarezz[at]hotmail[dot]com.
Best regards,
Aquarezz - ProxB.Com Owner