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Thread: adding thousands of new affiliate pages

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    adding thousands of new affiliate pages

    I have a lot of affiliate programmes on various sites that do reasonably well but have a question regarding a new possible partner.

    They will supply me with a feed of 40,000 properties for sale (yes I know the property market wil be poor for the next few months at least!) that I plan to incorporate in an existing site.

    Thing is I've added similar things before but only with say 250 products. Adding 40,000 listings at the same time presents new problems - mostly to do with duplicate content and the number of pages to be indexed.

    So question is, to what extent I need to change the text on each page so it appears unique? Titles, descriptions, headings are easy to automatically modify and make unique but what about the actual content? Will shuffling paragraph order alone do the trick? Doing a 'search and replace' on a few key words? Any other tricks for quickly modifying database content without making it meaningless?

    Or will it just not be possible?



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    Possible but hard.
    Changing paragraphs order won't help.
    Changing one or 2 words won't help.

    You might wanna try one of those "make unique on the fly" scripts that people use for wordpress, but i dunno if it's that easy.

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    OK thanks, that's what I thought. So the second part of the question is -

    Can it harm the existing site - quite a popular site with about 2500 'real' pages - to add so many potentially duplicate pages. And if it can, will I avoid the problems by using nofollow tags to all individual product pages??


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    Tweak the text you'll be including be best way you can, change it all if possible (mass-replace).
    I doubt you'll be punished, in fact you might get some traffic boost 'cause of all the new long-tail terms you'll upload.

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