Hi everyone,

We're glad to be here at Net Builders. Please allow me to introduce you to the Adscend Media affiliate network.

Adscend Media LLC is a performance-based CPA network. We opened in February 2009, operating on an invite-only basis these past four months. Today we're pleased to announce the official public launch of our network!

Custom Platform
We knew from the onset that we didn't want to take the usual shortcuts, so we instead invested in an all-new platform from the ground up. This makes our website easy to navigate and much quicker to load than a typical DirectTrack network. Also, since we own the platform, we have many opportunities to bring you additional features in the future, and continuously enhance the experience with suggestions from our clients.

Offers & Rates
We want all of you to find what you're looking for at Adscend Media, so we maintain a wide selection of offers in many different categories. We currently have nearly 200 campaigns and are working toward eventually having over 500 offers. New campaigns are generally added several times throughout the week. We offer top payouts on all of our offers and if you find a higher payout at another network, just let us know and we'll do our best to beat that rate.

One area that can make or break any business is in customer support. Adscend Media is dedicated to providing excellent support, because we know from experience how some networks fall short in this area. Our dedicated AM, Bonnie, is almost always available to assist you with a range of questions.
You can email us at support@adscendmedia.com or alternatively via the AIM screen names below.
AIM: AdscendJeremy
AIM: AdscendFehz
AIM: AdscendBonnie

Getting paid is what it's ultimately all about. Our payment terms begin at NET30. Publishers with $1,000+ per week can receive weekly payments. (Incentive publishers with high volume and quality leads can ask for NET15). We offer payment via Check, PayPal, ACH, and Wire (for international publishers).

From time to time, our network will have promotions to reward our publishers for generating a certain amount of revenues in a month or driving traffic to certain offers. Be on the lookout for these!

With Warm Regards,
Jeremy Bash
Adscend Media LLC