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Thread: Affiliate or Adsense?

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    I really like the Amazon Product In a Post Plugin If you use the plugin I would make it nofollow here is the instructions for that.

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    I do not use banner anymore, to promote affiliate products because of low conversion and I prefer to write articles and then I added a link to the product that I promote, this way works for me. But I think it would be better if you decide adsense or affiliate as the main income

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    Adsense is working a lot better than Amazon for me. From what I've learned the website needs to be designed to maximize affiliate sales with pay buttons and the posts set-up so the affiliate link doesn't look like you are selling something. Just adding Amazon to a MNS site isn't going to get you rich.

    However with the continued decline in CPC, it makes more sense to more toward Affiliate Marketing in the long term. But as I've said you need the right kind of site.

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    I make income from Adsense, but it is a real struggle to get affiliate sales revenue now with SEO. Where is the money at? I think it's in product development, lead gen, and offline marketing of online services.

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    Depends upon the site. For many Adsense does wonders while some find it easy with Affiliate programs.

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    Try other ad networks like...cj? reachjunction?

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