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Thread: Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

  1. Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

    Here is a thread to share affiliate marketing success stories.

    Not necessary yours.

    Here for example is one that looks real and provides some inspiration for those who are new to this.

    I'll try to add more to keep this fresh, but feel free to add some as well.

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    Thanks. I like to read stories like these, especially when my own motivation is failing.

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    I have a publisher at PeerFly that I manage who has recently scaled one of his PPV campaigns to $x,xxx figures a day profit. He claims he started affiliate marketing about 6 months ago. He had a campaign that was showing pretty good numbers and requested a few early payments using our Cash Flow system so I sent him an e-mail to see if there was anything I could do to help.

    He had only setup his campaign on one PPV network and it sounded like he had a few winning "keywords" (not really keywords, but sites he was popping on) and I suggested that he go through the other keywords, find the losers, and transfer the winners onto another PPV network as well. He did that guess what, he was seeing MORE profit.

    I helped him get into TrafficVance and we're working on scaling his campaign there as well

    Also, yesterday I had a publisher e-mail me who has a few Justin Bieber related blogs and we set them up with a Justbin Biber offer and they've done mid $xxx

  4. Another interesting story, especially for those who do ppc:
    Below is one of my campaigns that made me $8,000/week or so for a few months. I’m going to show you how to duplicate it. The campaign info:
    Offer: Twilight related (vampire/wereworlf IQ mobile quiz)
    Traffic Source: Facebook Ads
    I did not use a landing page for this campaign at first. I Direct linked from the facebook ad to the twilight IQ quiz...

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