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    How many of you promote affiliate ads through different affiliate networks? What sorts of marketing methods do you use? How successful have your attempts with affiliate marketing been?

    I've done quite a bit of affiliate marketing. I try to do a lot of search engine marketing when I have a little extra capital. For example, one offer I promoted pretty successfully was a 60's music CD offer from XY7 (yes, I work there and get top tier payout ). I setup a basic landing page and did some keyword research. I promoted right when the offer became available so there wasn't much competition besides the actual company who sold the product.

    For the most part I used keywords involving the top artists in the 60s. They were very cheap keywords and they were getting a lot of volume. I pushed the offer for a month or so and made about $1,000. Soon some other marketers picked up the offer and started to promote it as well. Prices started to rise and I dropped out of the race I was happy to be up about $800 when everything was said and done though.

    This is just one example to spark your interest. As your Affiliate Manager it is my job to make sure you are the one seeing the 60's music offer before everyone else and pushing it hard like me. Are you ready?

    Either way, I'm interested to see what all you have done with affiliate marketing
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