Hey guys,

I thought I'd just make a post about the affiliate networks I recommend and have been paid by. All these networks I have done over $1k and been paid on time. Note: some links are affiliate links... if you don't like them then tough luck - this takes time to write up.

Joe runs WeeklyDirect and hes an awesome guy. You can get weekly payouts off the bat and only a min payment of $100. Payment options include PayPal, check or direct deposit. WeeklyDirect has a large variety of advertisers in many niches. Also they run on a custom platform which is awesome. They are fairly new but are definitely a great network to work with.

FluxAds has literally hundreds of email submit offers. So if you are into promoting email submit type offers this is definitely the network for you. They run on the DirectTrack network which I don't like but I can live with. Payment is Net 30 and they offer check and PayPal if you discuss it with them. Overall a pretty good network - they did have some troubles with my first PayPal payment but they got that sorted.

EWA is what I would call pretty much a private network but I thought I might put it here as you might be one of the lucky few to get in. They pay weekly off the bat - wires if over $1k a week or checks under that. Ryan my point of contact is excellent there and is always willing to help. EWA sends out weekly emails with their latest offers and tips to keep making money - what more could you ask for?!

So that's pretty much all the networks I work with these days. Sure you could go with some of the larger networks but you're if you're only doing small numbers like me they couldn't really care less about you. Larger companies AM's aren't as helpful either.