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"Affiliate Program" is a referral program which designed to encourage deepBET's regular players to direct their friends, relatives, colleagues... to our website. And helps to promote our website. In doing so, players are rewarded with real money.
Affiliate Links

You can use any working link to deepBET as your affiliate link
Note that, you must post your affiliate link on any online page (web site, blog, forum, email account, etc...). Direct referral links entered in a browser will not work.
Available Program
Refer your friend click to PROMOTION link and earns $0.01 for every click
• You must post your affiliate link on any PUBLIC online page (web site, blog...). PRIVATE pages is not allow!
• Fake clicks, bux clicks, autosurf... are not allow and will not be counted
• 1 IP address only count as 1 valid click per day.
• Multi clicks from 1 website, blog... for multi user will be count for first user only.
Earns $0.01 for every losing bet on Casino HEAD or TAIL, it mean your referral play much, you earn much
Earns 1% of your referral first time deposit