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Thread: Amazon Affiliates Be Aware of November 8

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    Amazon Affiliates Be Aware of November 8

    If you are an Amazon affiliate and are using Amazon reviews for content on your sites, be aware that product review content will no longer be available after November 8.

    This change may cripple a lot of Amazon sites. Product reviews are the only substantial amount of content that Amazon offers through their feeds.

    Amazon already started metering the number of requests that you cam make to their servers per hour. If you have several Amazon affiliate sites using their XML feeds, you will have to start limiting unfriendly spider access to your sites to cut down on unnecessary requests.

    I installed Bot Trap on my Amazon sites to cut down on traffic from the large number of unfriendly spiders from Russia, Eastern block countries and China. It appears to be working well.

    Block Web Content Scrapers and Downloaders

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