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    Amazon aStore

    Amazon has this cute little GUI where you can create your own Amazon "aStore" in just a few minutes.

    The stores are then hosted at Amazon and you can link to them or embed them into your own websites.

    I just created a couple of these, at New On DVD and New Country Songs.

    Here's my entire code for
    <title>New on DVD</title>
    <center><h1>New on DVD</h1></center>
    <iframe src="" width="90%" height="4000" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>
    <center><p>&copy; <a href="">New On DVD</a></p></center>
    Obviously these sites aren't real lookers, but my "investment" in each site is only $8.81.

    If I make a sale, maybe I'll add some CSS.
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    Looks good for 10 lines of code.

    I take it that the aStores update automatically with new content? Then you can really "fire and forget".

    I'd be very interested to know if you make much money through this!...

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    I dont like such stores..
    they are javascript based and hosted/pointed to their own servers..

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    Finally I can throw something @

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    If I make a sale, maybe I'll add some CSS.
    atleast position your layout properly

    Also, people can add amazon widget like as on my netbook reviews site

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    Up until now, I've just been using individual product links, like those on this page about making a poinsettia champagne cocktail. I have been thinking about adding a whole Amazon aStore to one of my sites, but I've not done anything about it yet. Therefore, I'll be interested to see how well these pure-aStore sites perform.

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    I have an astore my self, I didn't do any SEO and stuffs, and the site has been online for more than 10 months, so far I've only manage to make 1 sale

    However, I believe with proper promotion, it'll make good sale. Guess it's time to put more effort on this venture.

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    Inspired by Will's example, I've just added a diamond jewelry store to my diamond website. It's not really properly integrated with the site yet, because it's just a little too wide to fit in my (rather tight) design, but I have modified its CSS (in the aStore setup) to closely match that of my site, and I've centred it (MeetHere!), so it looks quite nice (in my opinion).
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    dr. - that really looks nice...
    good work
    I myself building an online jewelry store using PJN

    this thread is bring good contributions

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    By the way, here's some info. that I've just determined, which may be useful:

    It looks as though the width of the basic (i.e., not modified with CSS) aStore is 748px (main block plus gap plus sidebar). Furthermore, there is 24px of margin around it all, so the total width is 796px. Therefore, you should allow a region of 796px width for inserting your aStore iframe if you want it perfectly spaced.

    Also, bear in mind that the code that they give you for the iframe contains width="90%", so you might want to change this.

    For my diamond store, I centred the whole thing by giving the iframe a width of 100% and then wrapping it in a div styled with a width of 796px and "auto" left and right margins.

    I've been meaning to do this for ages; thanks again Will for implicitly kicking me into action!
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