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Thread: Best affiliate script?

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    Smile Best affiliate script?


    I am looking for an affiliate script for a new product of mine.

    Which ones do you recommend? Free and paid.



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    iDev affiliate is very good. I have known most people to use it.

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    I would say first, don't bother looking for a free one. They are few and far between, and usually are junk.
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    I use WHMCS's affiliate program for my hosting. It offers alot of useful tools that i cant live without.
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    Yes the free ones are crap.

    Go in for iDevAffilate it is good.

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    I also recommend iDevAffiliate. For just 99$ it rocks.
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    I also suggest that iDevAffilate is the best available, i have used it in the past is amazing.

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    iDevAffilate is some what expensive but every big company I know of uses it. For example WPWebHost. Even ULB if I am not wrong.

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