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Thread: Decent Paying Affiliate Network!

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    Decent Paying Affiliate Network!

    Hi All

    I want to know a Affiliate Network that first of all, pays well and on time, second of all, is easy to manage, and third of all, has the daily click things where you can get like 2p per click.

    Anyone know any good ones?



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    has the daily click things where you can get like 2p per click.
    What do you mean by this?

    Anyway, I listed a few good networks here: (Look at 2. Affiliate Networks)

    This page might also help you:
    Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

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    Well on some PTC things you can get paid like 2p to click and make a search on something.

    And i'd prefer direct links please.

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    Okay, here are the two I use most often:
    Panthera Network
    MarketHealth Network

    And PTC is much different from Affiliate Marketing. I don't personally know any affiliate networks that pay you to click on things.

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    Oh okay.

    Thanks for those links, i'll check them out.

    Anyone else know some?

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    Sounds like he's referring to one of the many networks that pay you like .005 ish to click on links paid for by the advertiser...wordlinx is one of those that comes to mind, most of them have a tiered affiliate system, and a "premium" option to "pay" for getting access to more than a minimum number of ads to click on daily....
    WHen I had surgery last year, I tried one out (since I couldn't really think straight to write on the meds)...tedious and painful to me, but if you don't mind doing monotonous work
    On the other hand, as an advertiser if you're using an affiliate system with cookie tracking, the networks can be useful if your math works out right on conversions.

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    Well what i was referring to for example is on they have Daily Click offers, you get paid 2p to click and search per offer. is a Affiliate Marketing site, but they are a scam, they do not pay.

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    I haven't mucked with them for over a year, but some that I used are:
    I "think" Scour quit paying though (was paid Internet Search). I did muck with ClickSense and Hits4Pay enough while drugged up to see payment.
    - None of them paid as high as 2p a click though
    - If you're into doing tedious work for dinero, I'd recommend finding a different task to do less you just like the click sites. You can make more money for your time. If you need some ideas/help just PM.

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    Hi James

    Some ideas for new jobs to do would be great!

    It would be much appreciated, thanks.

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    @Topic, are you looking for an affiliate network (or) PTC Network, as far as i know Affiliate Networks Except Adscend do not have PPC Campaigns.
    btw what is your current niche ?

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