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Thread: Do websites with amazon product links rank bad with google?

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    Do websites with amazon product links rank bad with google?

    Do amazon affiliate links lower google ranking ?

    I am not planning to have too many amazon links. But if I promote "4" amazon products on a particular page, will my website rank lower than it would have originally?


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    What makes you think that amazon links lower your ranking?

    If you're referring to PR, all outgoing dofollow links that you have will pass PR, but have nothing to do with your actual rank in the search engine, unless you're linking to a bad neighborhood or have excessive outgoing links.

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    Affiliate links can be a problem. Matt Cutts advises that they be run through a redirect script that is blocked in the robots.txt file or simply add the nofollow attribute to each link. I always use a redirect script.

    Most of the time, the larger problem with Amazon affiliate marketing is when the content from the Amazon site is used. That is guaranteed to get slapped by the duplicate content filters.

    Write unique content and block the affiliate links and you should not have a problem. It is also OK to use the Amazon JavaScript widgets.
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  4. If anything, linking to amazon will help your site. Because it shows that you link to authority sites, instead of spammer sites.

    I mix in amazon ads with my articles, and have never noticed it affecting my traffic.

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