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Thread: Do You Combine PPC w/CPA?

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    Do You Combine PPC w/CPA?

    Had a question in general. Finally having some success with a CPA effort. I'm running it on 2 sites in the same niche, one with adsense, one without. The one without is still too new to be able to tell if I have more sales there than the one with adsense where I give the viewer an "out" that is not buying the product (ie clicking the Google ad(s)). That site has made some decent sales, about 30% adwords driven, the others from organic search. The new site has made sales only from adwords.

    My first thought is that its better to keep the site with no PPC/adsense, free, but am I losing revenue by doing so? Anyone else who is successful with CPA combine the two out there?

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    CPA greatly depends on the willingness of your targeted traffic. If you are targeting visitors who are going to come to your site and see your ads and for whatever reason feel like they could take action and buy that software or module you're linking to, then you'll do a lot better than with plain AdSense. However it really does depend on the type of site - with blogs these probably won't work as well because people will be coming to individual blog posts, as opposed to gaining tons of pageviews per unique visitor

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