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    I'm promoting eBay products via feeds of relevant products displayed on my sites.

    What disturbs me is that I generated sales for them and got rewarded by 0.1% of sales revenue.

    I think that this is due to their delayed-action quality score kicking in, I hope so!

    For example: winning bid revenue of $120 and my share of this is $0.13

    p.s. it's in the automotive niche.

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    i use to run BANS to promote ebay product but due to their new low commission ..... i quit now

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    kick back & relax & wait for the money to start rolling in
    and starve in the process.

    I ran BANS too, it used to pay well. But for the last month my earnings were zero. But I was told by an account rep that this was normal since I didn't generate any winning bid revenue, so I guess I need more quality traffic and not the bottom-feeders that I normally send them LOL. Need to start marketing to the rich and forget the poor: private jet accessories, yachting gadgets, Gucci bags, Bentley rims, Bling etc.

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    The eBay affiliate program has sucked ever since they moved away from Commission Junction and set up their Quality Click Pricing program. Even if you can drive a lot of traffic to them, you can't make any real money because of the percentage of users that do not win an auction bid. The part that I really do not like is that the amount that they pay is based solely upon the number of winning bids and not just bids. We have no control over that. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.

    I'm currently making less than $50 per month from eBay. Last month my commissions went to zero in the middle of the month. The eBay rep that I was communicating with would not answer my question and tell me why, but the commissions mysteriously returned from the point of my initial communication, but there was still a gap of almost half of a month. This month, they continue to pay out commissions throughout the month, but the amount that they pay does not justify adding eBay to any new web sites.
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    I'm only doing eBay to try and work out how to teach hard up people how to make some money online. When the CPC is zero, it is a bit embarrassing to make any claims about how to make money as an eBay affiliate. I can show people how to generate clicks to eBay, display relevant products, but alas, I haven't worked how anyone can make money from it lately. Adsense is a strong alternative right now, without all the pretty product images.

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