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    Email Submit Offers

    Anyone doing or has done email submit offers? I did a $2k day with them but it seems like there comes a point with them that you as a publisher get blacklisted by all the advertisers.

    I'm not doing them anymore as I feel they are a lead in to CPA and affiliate marketing but is anyone doing them currently?
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    Well, I haven't done it yet but thinking to it...

    Which company you were using ?

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    One big issue is that as an offer is promoted the advertiser will start to blacklist different parts of the input. For example, someone who goes to a 2 field submit that requires maybe name and e-mail may just enter the name "John". Well, if John is blacklisted it doesn't matter what the e-mail is, the advertiser will not pay you for the lead.

    There are many reasons your leads will start to drop, but the important thing is that they almost ALWAYS do. It's critical to be working with several different networks and several different offers.

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    I am doing this currently. Will keep on doing this until I've made a decent amount of cash.

  5. I tried this in the past. Didn't convert all too well, so I stopped. I know, I know, it's a short, simple story. Here, this may help:

    There are a several ways to converting CPA offers. CPA Advertising offers a variety of ways for you to start earning money. Often times, these can be really confusing. It may also appear to be so overwhelming that you wouldn't know where to begin or what to try first.

    Free-trial offers, zip-submit offers and email-submit offers are the most common types of ways you can earn money with CPA marketing. And how exactly do these work?
    Freebies are a real favorite. Everyone loves freebies. So there are sites that would offer free trial copies of the product they are promoting. These copies are at no cost to the customer at all. The only thing that they would be paying for is the shipping and handling. This is a cheap way for the customer to get the product. And it also helps the advertiser get a lead.

    Now you're wondering what you're going to do with a lead. It may sound quite lame to you right now. But believe it or not, there are companies that pay for leads. They could pay you for as low as $20. Some would even pay $100 for a load. Remember that trial copies expire. And in order for the customer to continue using it, they would need to purchase the full version. It's forced continuity for the product. Hence, it generates income for the company. The only work that you would have to do is leading the customer to the website. And as mentioned earlier, everyone loves freebies. There's something in people that just can't make them resist.

    Zip-submit offers would only need for the customer to enter their zip code on the website. These companies would have their own way of working the money from customers on the back end. But you don't have to worry about that. The important thing here is that you get paid for that customer's zip code. It may be quite little compared to free-trial offers. But it is still money. These would generally pay about 75 cents to a dollar. All you need to do is get traffic for the website.

    One more way to converting CPA offers is an email-submit offer. The concept here is pretty simple. The company needs real email addresses that they could send their promotions to. And when a potential customer that you have led to the website enters their email, then they get a lead of who might be interested in their product. These are much like zip-submit offers. They don't pay that much as well. But some money is better than no money at all. And you can always have more people enter their emails. Number would definitely compensate for the revenue that you are earning from email-submit offers.

    You can log on to the Internet and check on other ways of converting CPA offers. Always keep in mind that knowledge is power. Learning more about this method will ensure that you are on the right track to the road to riches.

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