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Thread: Is Everyone Selling Jim Reese's Product Now?

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    Is Everyone Selling Jim Reese's Product Now?

    I think any blogger that I have ever subscribed to is selling the Jim Reese Product and has sent me at least 2-3 emails on checking out his outsourcing video, etc...Shoe Money, Johnny Chow, down to Billy Bob's Catfishn....

    I think I'm going to spend tomorrow night unsubscribing to everyone except for Netbuilders email notification. That or declare email bankruptcy and just start using one through one of my domains....

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    I felt the same a bunch of mails and I'm only subscribed to about 5 marketers newsletters. Makes me curious if the program is really that good.

  3. Probably.. not

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    Honestly, I had the same feeling. I have actually seen more people talk about his product. I don't know if I want to give it a shot.

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    I liked the videos but I guess the program might be redundant for veterans.

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    I guess that they see their niche of online marketing training becoming saturated and moving towards off-line marketing training. Notice that I crucially didn't say just "off-line marketing".

    We all get approached by people that we know that want help with building a website, so we don't need these training courses, but it does seem to be a new angle for the MMO training crowd where the O now means "Offline".

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    I thought the videos were excellent, especially the first two. very useful and informative. But the course costs quite a lot and I'm not sure that personally I'd get value for money from it. Tempting though, I think it could easily be worth much more than its cost. Perhaps I should ask him for a 'free review membership'

    And yes, I also wondered why so many people were sending me emails about it.

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