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Thread: Hard a lot but don't know what it is!!!

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    Hard a lot but don't know what it is!!!

    Hey guys and girls

    I have heard about the click bank many a times but I don't know about that.
    Actually, what it is? and What is it's function?

    Can anyone please explain it for me?

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    Hi to you as well!
    As for your question, Clickbank is like a market. There's lots of goods for sale, if you are an affiliate (or apply to be one) - you can sell these goods and make cash
    off each sale you make from commissions. So basically, in order to start making some cash
    you got to start making some sales, so here's where your creativity is going to be needed.

    Most people build sites to promote their products, then start driving traffic to these sites. Could be tricky though at first, but there are lots of sure ways in order to achieve this, you just have to put in some grunt work.

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    If your a beginner with selling things online, then clickbank is the way to go because it provides you with virtually any product in many categories that you can sell. Basically you promote that product, and when someone buys it - you get commission and wa la! That's pretty much all of it.

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    Clickbank is an affiliate super program, and it is said by many to be one of the best out there along with CJ, never blue, more niche, and others. If you don't know exactly what it is I'd recommend you to do some research on the subject and become more knowledgeable on the world of affiliate marketing. There is a lot of cash
    to be made with these programs and once you get them set up and you have recruited some referrals, it really is the easiest way to make cash
    online without having to do literally any work. If you really want to know what they are about just go to their website and check them out. It will probably do you some good.

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    have you tried selling some goods in your place? Have you tried selling some clothes, foods, etc? If yes, May I ask how is that? And Is that hard on you? I asked this questions because that's what comes to my mind in joining clickbank also. Selling of goods is not hard in my place, when you do good and be good to customers also. Its just like clickbank. Its a market where you can be affilate and sell their products. I might find it easy but its hard to make sales thiough by online. This is going to be good if you wrote good content in your clickbank site that can make feel customers that they are safe from scams

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