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Thread: Have anyone of you get succeded in Clickbank?

  1. Have anyone of you get succeded in Clickbank?

    I really really don't have no idea now of joining clickbank's affilate. I want to make cash
    with them but I came across from an article that saying "1/4 people only get paid by clickbanks affilates because almost 3/4% of the people who joins don't made a sale" When I first read these, I was unable to decide if I will join or not. I've already buy domain for the site for promoting the products and a free hosting. But it make's me scared on how to make a sale to them.

    Whats your opinion about it?
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    Nope, I haven't succeeded with Clickbank yet, but that is only because I have barely had the time to promote or choose an affiliate product. So I guess I am part of the 3/4 who fail, but seriously - you have to have drive or be very lucky in order to make cash
    with clickbank. Just signing up isn't enough, you need visitors, a landing page, splash page and promote it endlessly to get sales. But in the end, you will reap the benefits for your hard work and probably make some $100 per day if your really driven. Laziness is not an option!

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    Now I know how really hard to get some sales this days? I can't figure out myself watching working hard, and may get to and end with no sales. Anyways I already join and commenced
    what my friends told me to get sales. Its 2 days now and I have no sales still But hoping that its just a start but not an end in this type of affiliating, Im not lazy in doing things because I am fast in all the work I do. But I will feel lazy if I dont success and made no sales for within a amonth. That sucks!. And Ohh. How many sales to get $100?

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    It depends on the product your selling, if you sell a product for $50 bucks then you will get I believe $45, so 3 sales should get you to $100. But seeing that probably won't happen you will most likely sell something cheaper at around $5 and have to sell more - about 25 times. I would recommend using a traffic exchange if your not showing CPC/CPM ads and just a splash or landing page. Sign up under me if you wish and get some traffic to your affiliate product. Thanks and hope this helped guide you to a sale!

  5. Till this date I never made a single sale and never earned any commission from ClickBank. So my earning is $0.

    But I know affiliate program do works. Because for my own products, I have more than 200 affiliates at and I am paying them good commissions for my products sales. I hope surely in future I would master ClickBank and earn some good commission.
    My directory: MyDirectory FOR SALE
    My sites: Obtain a cash advance | Sound Unsound

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    I too have never given clickbank a try, i doubt i'd even do that. Affiliate marketing requires a lot of patience and hardwork. Unless you are very much interested, its not everyone's cup of tea.

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