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Thread: How to Get Accepted Into Affiliate Programs

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    How to Get Accepted Into Affiliate Programs

    One of my buddies asked me how I got accepted as an affiliate into a particular affiliate program and this was my response:

    To become an affiliate or any affiliate for that matter mainly
    depends on you being able to give them a link to a credible website
    that you created.

    What they fear is having their brand exposed on
    crappy sites. So I think you have a credible site that would pass ok.

    Also, they usually ask how you intend to promote their offers. So you
    just need to explain that in a way that makes sense in the context of
    your site e.g. Ads related to the content. After this you can usually
    place the links on any site you own.
    I was answering as an SEO dude rather than a PPC dude.

    I'm sure that a lot of new people that want to get started making money online must be a bit wary of applying to become affiliates and not being prepared beforehand. Also, I guess they could even be intimidated by the prospect of applying to a major brand name company.

    So how about adding our tips here for how to gain acceptance into affiliate programs? I think this topic can be a stumbling block for new potential marketers that is not usually covered in any depth.

    I'm not sure if my tips are the best advice, just my personal way of thinking about it.

    So ...

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    At PeerFly as long as you fill in your application honestly and have some affiliate marketing experience we are willing to work with you.

  3. To get accepted, you need to first have a good site. Not some scraper low quality site, but one that actually gets traffic (or one that looks good and you have a plan to get traffic).

    Contact the affiliate program manager directly (if you need to, call the company and ask the for the affiliate program manager) and develop a relationship with them. Introduce yourself. Then, tell them about your site and what you plan to promote.

    If you contact them directly there's a good chance that they can upgrade your percentage so you can get paid more.
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    Begin with your site. Add a contact form, add TOS and Privacy Policy. Remove all other advertisement.

    Publish quality content that suits the product(s) which the affiliate program is trying to promote. Tell them how you intend to drive traffic to your site.

    That's pretty much it.

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    In my experience, the best way to get approved by CPA networks is to call them immediately after you submit your applications. You need to convince them that you can drive 100% legit traffic and make them a lot of money, then you'll have no problem getting into almost every cpa network. Hope that helps

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    I included some notes on things that can help you get approved into PeerFly on my blog here:
    PeerFly Application Denied? What now?

    For the most part I think they'll apply to most networks. If you're denied a great thing you can do is e-mail whoever is in charge of approvals and tell them how you want to promote their offers and include a reference from another network (affiliate manager reference).

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