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Thread: MegaShare Affiliate Program - Earn 70% of Ad revenue (Official Thread)

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  1. MegaShare Affiliate Program - Earn 70% of Ad revenue (Official Thread)


    I'd like to introduce you to an enormous, trusted file hosting service, started in 2004 - FREE FILE HOSTING, UNLIMITED FREE STORAGE FOR YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS

    ATTENTION: This is not something similar to the market. We are offering a 70% of revenue we earn from Ads. It's a huge opportunity for everyone to earn some big bucks now!!!

    At Megashare if you share you can earn more money than with any other affiliate system, it’s simple. And there are no country restrictions:

    1. You can start earning more than eBay power sellers without laying out a cent
    2. Payments of $000's are sent out each month to our Megashare Affiliates.
    3. So do you want to earn $000's having fun by posting content for other people to download?
    4. If you do the benefits to you of being in our Affiliate program are immediate and obvious
    5. You don't even need to buy a Premium account to start raking the cash in on Megashare.

    So how does it work ?

    1. Megashare pays you 70% of all revenue you generate as a result of your files being downloaded in any country.
    2. Share in US and UK forums, blogs and social networks and your payments will be much, much higher!
    3. Megashare keeps 30% of the advertising revenue your downloads generate
    4. We pay monthly...!!!
    5. How do i start..? Easy as 1 2 3 - Use the form here: to sign up for an Affiliate account. Upload your files. Share the links in your favorite places and get paid for every single download!
    6. We pay 20% of any premium membership signups that your downloads generate
    7. Megashare is the ONLY affiliate system on the web with no country restrictions!
    8. Fantastic monthly cash bonuses to our top Affiliates!
    9. Free user downloads are counted without limitations
    12. We payout $10 for any new affiliate you refer to us, once that new affiliate has generated 20,000 downloads
    13. Minimum Payout for downloads is $20
    14. We pay you 5% of all referrer revenue without affecting the new affiliate's revenue. Build your own big business with this unique benefit!

    Give us a try and you won't be disappointed!

    Register Here

    Thank you for your attention!

  2. great to hear from you too
    i also have a very good experience with
    and happy to have a Repidshare competitor

  3. #3
    Hello Friends,

    Here are Decisions for Megashare V2

    - Resume Supported Downloads for free users
    - Downloads with no limits for free users
    - Pay for all countries with rate variations
    - File stored time since last download - 60 days
    - Downloads guaranteed in all countries
    - A better alternative to FTP upload support
    - At least 2 plus paypal Multiple payment methods
    - Multiple upload support
    - Works easily with download managers
    - Maximum free file size to be 2GB
    - Weekly payment always on time.
    - Prizes along with money: iPod Nano or Digital Camera etc...

    Estimated date for the Launch of MegaShare V2 will be in November because we have to do a lot

    of work to enable all advanced features in our site.

    We still have to offer some more features which are not decided yet but expect soon.

    Best of Luck to all MegaShare Affiliates!


  4. thanks lancer but please let me know when will you guys launch the v2 as i see 2011 started and still not launched yet it was promised in November

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