Let's list and discuss the common mistake in doing affiliate marketing business. List from me :

1. Not doing a research - Choosing wrong product
Research is important before decide to choose product to sell. It's to know the competition condition or the market size. Some people doing no research but just follow what the other do. For example, if Xbox360 is in HOT, their also affiliate xbox product, they don't know that xbox prospect is already full of competitor.

2. Use free domain
Using free domain just like blogspot or free wordpress is not wrong, but make you as affiliate marketer is look not proffesional and not seriously in take this business. But this mistake is not happen to affiliate marketer which using only redirect system.

3. Fear in investing money
Investing is needed. Prospect will not come by just waiting and sleeping, you need to advertise it. Advertising is the fastest way to market product, it's faster instead to SEO-ing your site, but yeah there is something to be sacrified --> ads busget.

Any tips or opinion, please?