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Thread: Moreniche - New 2 Tier Affiliate

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    Moreniche - New 2 Tier Affiliate

    I got a mail from moreniche:

    Congratulations from MoreNiche, a new affiliate has just signed up through your referral link.

    You are welcome to help xxxxx ( get started.

    You will earn 5% commission on any sales they make. Check you stats at

    Thanks again, keep sending the referrals and we'll keep sending the checks!

    Team MoreNiche
    Do you guys help affiliates who have signed up under you?

    or you consider them as competitors?
    note: when you replace this, dont use masked URL. thanks ~ admin

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    I would send them some information to help them make money as well. When they earn, you earn, and that's a nice residual income.

    I would not, however, invest too much time into helping them - focus on your own sites.

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